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Oh Kyung-seok, CEO of TJ Pharm, joined the “Stay Strong Campaign”

Oh Kyung-seok, CEO of Taejeon Group TJ Pharm, joined the “Stay Strong Campaign” to support the recovery of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) outbreak.

The Stay Strong Campaign is a global certification campaign launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in March to spread the solidarity message to overcome Corona 19.

The Stay Strong Campaign will be conducted in a relay format where the next person will be photographed holding a sign with a symbol of the campaign and a message cheering for the passage of Corona 19, posted on social networking sites, and pointed to three next runners.

The symbol of the campaign is to write the phrase “Stay Strong” on the image linking the shape of the hands praying with the image of washing hands, which means to overcome the corona 19 well by observing personal hygiene.

CEO Oh Kyung-seok launched the campaign after being nominated by Oh Young-seok, vice chairman of Taejeon Pharm Co., Ltd., and pointed to Newtheranex President Choi Yong-mook, Sangwon logistics President Ryu Ji-taek, and Kim Min-wook, a Daejoo Accounting firm, as participants in the next campaign.

CEO Oh Kyung-seok said, “We are going through a hard time, but I believe we will be able to overcome ‘Corona 19’ if we encourage each other and work together with one mind.”

“TJ Pharm is making efforts to make public safety a top priority and help consumers live a more secure and convenient life in an untact environment,” he said.

“We will thoroughly disinfect and quarantine facilities used by executives and employees, including the TJ Pharm Logistics Center and delivery vehicles, to protect safe workplaces,” he added

Meanwhile, TJ Pharm has strengthened quarantine in six logistics centers across the country.

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